Well, now. This is just lovely. And it’s Annie Leibovitz. (Of course it is.) Merci beaucoup, August Vogue!


How Lost I Would Be

Our God, who has loved us with an everlasting love:
We confess that we have doubted Your love when
we have not gotten what we wanted,
when we have lost that which was precious to us,
when we have been hurt by others,
when we have had to endure suffering,
when we have been lonely,
when we have been humbled by the circumstances of life.
Forgive us for grumbling and complaining,
for envying others,
for coveting their lives,
for fantasizing our lives away.
We repent of such an evil thought, that You do not love us,
and look to the cross that through the death of Jesus we may be forgiven and never again doubt Your love. 

This prayer hit me squarely in the heart this morning. To think that even for a moment I could believe Jesus doesn’t love me seems impossible — yet I know that my own actions and thoughts make that statement every day. Jesus, oh Jesus, who knows me well and loves me still — without Him, how lost I would be.

Basically the Coolest Guy I Know

My dad: king of the selfie

My dad: king of the selfie

I’ve known my dad for quite a while now. And yet I am still surprised at the things I learn about this guy with every passing year. He is a man of science and a man of mystery novels. A man of both NPR and the Bible. I’m pretty sure — as I piece together small clues — that he was doing awesome things during the Cold War. And, as I have just discovered, he is King of the Selfie.

All these things and so many more — the most amazing guy I know.

Redhead on the Road


Found this rice-cracker
redhead on today’s journey
through Yokosuka’s streets.
(Ok, ok, or through the
All’s 100 Yen store.)

Oh, hey.

Oh, hey.
(Good grief, he is gorgeous.)
Happy Tuesday!