It worked!

We did it! Color-coordinated and all…a fabulous presentation on social media: complete.

And now I can focus on real work.

Kinda fuzzy...but aren't we cute?


Lunch Break: Off to Present

Ugh. I’m off in five to present on social media to a group of peers.

I’m hoping no one shows up.

Lunch Break: I am SO making these

One of my favorite things to read at lunch is reading posts from Cake Spy, especially her Baker’s Dozen posts. I love finding new recipes to dream about and new blogs to read.

Usually, I just look at the pictures. Once in a while, I bookmark a post or a link so I can go back at some undetermined point in the future and perhaps try a recipe.

Today, however, I already have a plan and a date for these babies. (And Love and Olive Oil is already in my Reader.)

Cinnamon Chocolate Churro Cupcakes. Two weeks. Lunch with the girls. Yes, please.

Cinnamon Chocolate Churro Cupcakes - picture from

Lunch Break: Prejudice

A little bit foul, a lot bit funny. (Hat tip, Danielle!)

Lunch Break: BGSK Refresh

Have you read Big Girls Small Kitchen yet? If you haven’t, you simply must. Especially now. Because what was already a lovely collection of stories and recipes for cooking in the (scary) real world’s tiny apartment kitchens is now an even more beautiful site where you can spend some time exploring. And, at last, we can see the cover art for Cara and Phoebe’s new book, due out this spring!

Super cute, super YUM.