Golden Globes Wrap-Up

Award season is finally here! As cliché and teenagery and ridiculous as it sounds, I LOVE award shows. I love the movie stars, the dresses, the speeches with that little something from the heart…the idea and possibility that a world exists somewhere where Matt Damon and Amy Adams and Julianne Moore and other radiant redheads (and fabulous faux) rub elbows and talk shop and smile and cheese for the camera and and and…

I love them.

So though I missed the original airing of the Golden Globes last night (out in real-adult style for dinner and drinks to celebrate the 30th of another RedheadReaderWriterBaker), I have spent this morning watching the DVRed version. A perfect day-off schedule, really: sleep in as long as I can keep my eyes closed, then an award show with fast-forwardable commercials while I fold laundry and (ooops) eat chocolate.

And now, in brief, my thoughts on this year’s Golden Globes.

1. Ricky Gervais – really not that nice, not that funny. A cop-out for someone who, I think, is capable of much more sophisticated humor.

2. I’m painting my nails something dark and brooding yet this afternoon. Glad to see the short nails/dark polish phenom is still alive and well among Hollywood stylists. I’m thinking OPI’s Midnight in Moscow or Suzi Skis the Pyrenees.

3. Speeches this year…kinda meh. Colin Firth was the epitome of well-rehearsed, yet from the heart. Natalie Portman started off well, but that “He’s the best actor in the world because he does want to sleep with me!” was lame. Robert Downy Jr.’s introduction of the women in his category was honest-to-goodness funny. Maybe he should host next year?

4. Matt Damon is gorgeous. Although, as my friend Annie texted me last night, needs a haircut. I really do prefer the Bourne look to the La Boeuf he’s got going on, but even a strange ‘do cannot undo my eternal love for him.

5. I love that Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit towered over Justin Bieber. Classic.

Can’t wait to see how the SAGs and Oscars go later this spring!


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