Autumn Wreath

Cliché blog alert: I am ready for fall.

I mean, football started this weekend (Rock Chalk!), so certainly that means rainy days, orange leaves, and sweaters are just around the corner? Doesn’t everybody love fall? Isn’t everybody ready for that?

Though here’s what I’m not ready for: more homework. I think I have been reading for about 80 percent of all waking hours this entire extended weekend. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I made it through and have moved on to next week’s homework. But those critical analyses and that giant research paper still loom. Hundreds – probably thousands – of pages yet to be consumed and critiqued heckle me.

However: I lit my Autumn Wreath Yankee candle tonight for the first time this season. As it filled my home with it’s dark, crisp scent, I started breathing deeper, slower. Everything’s going to be ok.

Caillebotte, Balcony Grill. 1880.


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