Revelation: Well-Behaved Hair

On a recent (wonderful, relaxing, hilarious, breath-of-fresh-air) girls’ weekend in Hermann, Missouri, I found myself talking about lots of things and how they were “a revelation.”

Seriously. I started making a list, and found that I’d used the phrase “Revelation!” no fewer than five times in 48 hours. (Complete with revelation-appropriate gesture: think stable jazz hands, raised eyebrows, and syllable-by-syllable pronunciation.) I guess it’s just been a discovery-filled few months for me. So, herewith, I shall report my revelations.

First, because things have been a little light in the redhead department recently, a revelation in the way I fix my hair.


Last time I got my hair cut, my amazing stylist Angela decided she wanted to do something different with my usually crazy-curly hair. I’m pretty much inept at styling my hair any way other than crazy-curly, so I’m always up for a change. Angela introduced me to two amazing products — each of them a revelation. Never in my life has my hair behaved as well for one day, not to mention two or even three days (shh!), as it has since I added this little routine to my life.

Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme

First, Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme. The scent, alone, is enough to make you gladly fork over the semi-exorbitant price for this stuff. Sort of like liquid pomade, a little bit goes a long way — and that’s saying something with thick, curly hair like mine. It’s great two ways. One, as a finishing product, adding just a little shine, taming frizzies, and creating a halo of heavenly scent you can live in all day. Two, as a prep-step for this, Revelation #2.

Hot Tools 1 1/2″ Curling Iron

Maybe the most incredible thing yet.

I’ve tried it all – straighteners, hot rollers, cheap curling irons – and nothing has ever given me a hair style that was a) sustainable, or b) even that good-looking. As Angela whipped one of these through my hair, creating soft, flowing tresses with little kick-out curls on the end, I whined. “Can I just come have you do my hair every morning?” Apparently all I needed was a really good curling iron — “like a Hot Tools,” she said.

There’s a reason I drive three hours to get this woman to cut my hair.

Curls tamed and refined, tresses glossy and gleaming, all of it redder than red. A revelation, I tell you. A revelation.


(Photographic evidence perhaps to come…)



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One response to “Revelation: Well-Behaved Hair

  1. Totally trying this Aveda stuff.

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