Matt Damon: Bourne on this Day

It’s Matt Damon Day, one of my personal favorite personal, favorite holidays of the year.

Although, in typical form for this semester, I’ve basically no time to celebrate. It would seem my love for MD is being eclipsed by my attention to not one, but two other men: Gustave and Richard.

Portrait of Richard Gallo, G. Caillebotte.

But you know the thing about an eclipse? It’s only temporary, just masking the eternal for a few moments. An apt description for my love for and commitment to this guy.

Matt Damon: Bourne on this day in 1970.

After all, he’s mystifyingly good-looking — a true Boeuf-cake — with a supreme intelligence and strong identity as both a writer and an actor. I’d swim an ocean for him — maybe 11, 12, or 13. And though, in real life, he seems to be happy shepherding his flock of daughters, my devotion — no mere act of good will — has never departed. I love him as much today as I did the first time I saw him avoiding capture on the Streets of Paris ten years ago.

Happy Matt Damon Day!

Looking all scary and scruffy for SNL.

Just. Yes. I mean…come on.


Wins my vote.


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