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I haven’t seen a movie all semester, but this looks interesting and beautiful. Best Ginger moment at the :25 mark.


Bonus! A new book to read, and it’s written by a redhead. Preview of Grace Coddington’s memoir from NPR books. {}

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I confess, Kate Carraway, I hadn’t heard of you before I read this. But now I want your reader-writer life. {The Atlantic Wire}

Holiday baking season (a.k.a. Yearly baking bribe season) is upon us! Stock up now. Here’s now. {Design Mom}


Thirty Days of Thanks – #19-20

30 Days of Thanks

Nov. 19: Yikes – I’m falling behind! But yesterday? Yesterday, I was thankful for the students I supervise. Sometimes they make me wonder, but mostly, they restore my faith in humanity. Quite literally. I encounter lots of stupid every day, especially from the younger set, but my students, well, they’re basically fantastic.

Nov. 20: Today? I’m thankful for this picture of sassy Victor Hugo. Enough said.

Victor Hugo Wearing a Scarf, Charles Victor Hugo, 1853-55.

Thirty Days of Thanks – #17-18

30 Days of Thanks

Nov. 17 and 18: Celebrations with friends! I was lucky enough to yesterday attend both a baby shower and birthday dinner for some of my dearest, and they were good enough parties that I was celebrating nearly into the wee hours of this morning. Plenty of merriment and thankfulness for two days’ worth! I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life and to get to be part of their lives, as well. It’s so exciting to celebrate the little things, which we do with regularity throughout the year. It’s even more exciting to celebrate the big things – birthdays and babies, to name a couple – when they come along.

Thirty Days of Thanks – #16

30 Days of Thanks

Nov. 16: Today, I am thankful for those moments when things just click. Like the first time in a new job when you actually feel like you know what you’re doing (usually about a year in). Or when you’ve struggled and struggled to understand what your research paper is going to be about, and suddenly the skies open, and you just know. It clicks.

Thirty Days of Thanks – #15

30 days of Thanks

Nov. 15: I am, in all likelihood, more thankful for this than I should be. But one of my favorite parts of living in this crazy little town I call home is WheatFields Bakery and Cafe. The food is incredible – that’s probably a given. But I think what I love most is how it is this microcosm of Lawrence. Stopping by to grab some dinner tonight, everyone’s there. Families with little kiddos (raise ’em right! raise ’em on focaccia!), college students, grandparents…and single girls like me grabbing some takeout. Everybody’s looking at the menu, torn by the delicious choices they have to make. Every cookie, every salad and sandwich has the flavors of this little hippie town. I love it.