Thirty Days of Thanks – #6

30 Days of Thanks

I am thankful for…

Nov. 6: The right to vote.

As of yesterday, women in Kansas have had the right to vote for 100 years!

Via “A photograph showing a group of delegates to the Kansas Equal Suffrage Association in Topeka, Shawnee County. This group voted to affiliate with the national association as support for a women’s suffrage amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Kansas women had already won the right to vote in 1912.”


These ladies at the Douglas County Fair were also campaigning for women’s suffrage.

Via “A group of women’s suffrage supporters at the Douglas County Fair in Lawrence. Group members included the following: Mary A. Brooks, Mary Evelyn Ransom Strong and Florence M. Payne. All were active members in the League of Women Voters.”


Thanks, girls! Because of you, today…

Redhead, reader, writer, baker, VOTER.



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