Thirty Days of Thanks – #9

30 Days of Thanks

Nov. 9: Today, I am thankful for NPR.


In the morning, at work, and when I’m driving home — I adore National Public Radio. I feel smarter and more connected when I start the day with Business News bits and Morning Edition. I laugh at Steve Inskeep’s high-brow/nerdy jokes, and I love listening to the masterful language of Frank DeFord, even though he’s talking about sports…which I don’t particularly care about. I love Story Corps and the way it makes me tear up. Every time. And on Fridays, I love listening to David Brooks and E.J. Dionne talk politics — key word: talk. Not yell, scream, condescend, rant, or BS. And when David Brooks uses phrases like “epistemic closure”? Oh, be still, my racing heart. (And DB, will you just start your own party, please, so I can vote for you for president?!)

When I’m home in the evenings, Kansas Public Radio is my constant companion. I cook, clean, and study to Classical Music with Cordelia Brown. Jazz in the Night always makes me think of long hours spent working on senior-year projects: campaigns, papers, job interviews. It’s comforting to hear those familiar voices and beats; it’s nice to have this bit of constancy in a constantly changing life.

Yep. I heart NPR.


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PR professional by day, writer by night. Remembering life isn't an episode of "Saved By the Bell." Getting culture, not babies.

One response to “Thirty Days of Thanks – #9

  1. Gotta love Brooks and Dionne. I used their columns when I put together the best arguments for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

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