Lunch Break: Aging Ginger News

Actually, I’m not sure if Melissa Gilbert really has red hair. But her new fiancĂ© does! And aging gingers are gingers, all the same. Who is Timothy Busfield, you ask? He appears to have some current TV credits, but I know him from, oh, only the best espionage movie of all time: Sneakers. (Starring another perhaps-ginger, Robert Redford.)

Congratulations, Half-Pint! The world needs more marriages like this one.

(By which, of course, I mean redhead/redhead marriages. We’re a dying breed, people!)



OMGinger at the SAGs

For my wrap-up of the Screen Actors Guild Awards program, let’s just dwell on this for a moment, shall we?

Washington Post (thank goodness someone got this on film!)

Washington Post (thank goodness someone got this on film!)


What else is there to say? That single moment made up for an otherwise lackluster evening. Yes, there were a few nice moments (Jennifer Lawrence’s speech, Ben Affleck’s adorable shock and awe), but the whole ceremony was a little bit dullsville for me. Perhaps in part because the Redhead Quotient just wasn’t very high.

Julianne Moore SAGs - People credit

Dear Julianne Moore,

Congratulations, of course, on another well-deserved win. But can we talk about this dress? The black and white is good – clearly a favorite for you this season. But those flowers? Are weird. Good hair, though.

Jessica Chastain SAGs - People credit

Dear Jessica Chastain,

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite people. In Roots of Desire, Marion Roach says that though many non-redheads will try to steer us away from red clothing, any true ginger knows to go straight for the scarlet. I’m so very glad you did. Also, you introduced the In Memoriam montage so gracefully, which is more than can be said for just about any other presenter of the evening. Excellent work all around.

Downton SAGs - Telegraph credit

Dear Amy Nuttall,

I had to IMDB you just to find your name. I couldn’t even find a good picture of just you and your Actor. But, hey, I love Downton Abbey, and you have a nice smile, a nice dress, and your hair looks good. So I’m happy to be able to include you in this little round-up. Plus, your collective win made Jon Hamm appear on national TV with an I’m-Jealous-But-I-Have-To-Hide-It look, and that was pretty great. Congratulations!


Yes, yes, yes. Every other news outlet has reported this, and I do feel ginger-bound to also mention it here. But really – is something so obvious really newsworthy?

Town & Country named Prince Harry the world’s most eligible bachelor.


Town & Country

Town & Country

Latte Mornings

10 a.m. In work. Thank God have got cappuccino to help self through aftermath of hell of buying cappuccino when late.”

Bridget, reading my mind again.

Tomorrow must definitely be a latte morning.

Ginger Globes, More Like

I adore a Hollywood awards show, especially when it turns out to celebrate redhead genius so brilliantly. In addition to the reasons I love the Golden Globes so much (casual attitude, movie stars mingling and drinking, the slightly indie-feel the whole thing has compared to the Oscars), last night’s ceremony was a wonderful surprise. Just look at all the gingers who took the stage!

GGs Julianne Moore

Dear Julianne Moore,

I love your giant, conic up-do. I love the black and white dress. I love the red lipstick. I love that you are a real redhead and always know how to best play that part. It was a treat to see you on stage two awards in a row. Congrats!

GGs Damian Lewis

Dear Damian Lewis,

I mean, there are really no words. I’ll take another double-feature of you any time.

GGs Princess Merida

Dear Princess Merida,

Thanks for proving that ginger girls with scraggly hair are award-worthy, too.

Dear Jessica Chastain,

Your mint-green dress is perfection and the stuff of my second-grade dreams. You are lovely, your speech was equally so, and though I’ve only seen clips of Zero Dark Thirty, I have already decided that when I grow up, I want to be your character.

Dear Jodie Foster,

You’re not a redhead, but your super-cute sons are. (Both of them! How did you manage that?!) If I can ever find a picture with decent color, I shall post it here for proof. Congratulations on your lifetime achievement (I was pleased to see Freaky Friday in your video montage) and your excellent taste in children.