Ginger Globes, More Like

I adore a Hollywood awards show, especially when it turns out to celebrate redhead genius so brilliantly. In addition to the reasons I love the Golden Globes so much (casual attitude, movie stars mingling and drinking, the slightly indie-feel the whole thing has compared to the Oscars), last night’s ceremony was a wonderful surprise. Just look at all the gingers who took the stage!

GGs Julianne Moore

Dear Julianne Moore,

I love your giant, conic up-do. I love the black and white dress. I love the red lipstick. I love that you are a real redhead and always know how to best play that part. It was a treat to see you on stage two awards in a row. Congrats!

GGs Damian Lewis

Dear Damian Lewis,

I mean, there are really no words. I’ll take another double-feature of you any time.

GGs Princess Merida

Dear Princess Merida,

Thanks for proving that ginger girls with scraggly hair are award-worthy, too.

Dear Jessica Chastain,

Your mint-green dress is perfection and the stuff of my second-grade dreams. You are lovely, your speech was equally so, and though I’ve only seen clips of Zero Dark Thirty, I have already decided that when I grow up, I want to be your character.

Dear Jodie Foster,

You’re not a redhead, but your super-cute sons are. (Both of them! How did you manage that?!) If I can ever find a picture with decent color, I shall post it here for proof. Congratulations on your lifetime achievement (I was pleased to see Freaky Friday in your video montage) and your excellent taste in children.


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