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Don’t you just love it when your worlds collide? Last week, I got to ask a question about redhead history when my class (Women and Italian Renaissance Art) Skyped with the author of one of our readings. I maybe geeked out a little bit? I asked Ms. Musacchio if, during her research on Bianca Cappello, she’d ever found any reference to her red hair — stereotypes, superstitions, etc. She said she hadn’t run across anything. I guess the Florentines had plenty of other reasons to hate the Grand Duchess…all that business about being the duke’s mistress and mother of his illegitimate son before actually marrying the duke gave them enough fodder. Whatever. I still think she’s cool.

Bianca Cappello, by Alessandro Allori.

Bianca Cappello, by Alessandro Allori.

I’m making good headway in my 2013 goal of reading more books (for pleasure, not school) than I did last year. I heard a story on NPR this week about a novel Woody Guthrie wrote in the 40s that is just now being published. Added House of Earth to my to-read list that very morning.

Heading to the KC/IABC BCS this Friday – that’s a lot of letters to describe one very amazing day of inspiration and development for those business-word-nerds among us. I didn’t go last year (for the first time in, I think, five years), so I’m looking forward to my return. I always leave feeling better prepared to be a communicator.

No, I did not just add these to my Foodie Files Pinterest board… {Smitten Kitchen}


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