Oh, Gilbert.

That Texts from Avonlea exists is just about the most definitive proof of kindred spirits. Ever.

Texts From Avonlea

Texts from Avonlea 2

Texts from Avonlea 3


Redheaded Step-Child

Two instances of this phrase in my Google reader in the past two days. Weird.

When in reference to a chocolate-chip clafoutis, I feel like it means “that quirky, kind of weird, but totes the one you want to hang out with” redhead. {Big Girls Small Kitchen}

In reference to lip prints, I’m not sure what to think. (Although those Marc Jacobs earrings are pretty cute.) {Girls of a Certain Age}

The Ideal Damon

For my inked-up alter ego, I believe this is the Ideal Damon.

EW.com (and my delightful friend Esther)

EW.com (and my delightful friend Esther)

Though let’s be clear: any Damon is really my favorite Damon.

A Very Redhead Day

First up, my alter ego on a teeny-tiny button.

Illustration by Emily Martin

Illustration by Emily Martin

My friend Audra knows me too well! If I could magically transform into someone else, it would be this ginger gal. Curly updo; bright coral lips; and beautiful, delicate, seriously inky ink.

Speaking of redheaded kindred spirits, loved the interview with this Lauren, who also has a thing for Willem de Kooning. {Lonny}

And rounding out my day, this paragraph most amazing:
“Kevin was everything an overweight 10-year-old girl could ever hope for in a man. His hair was the color of Cheetos and he was an incredible speller. It was decided; I was in love.”
from A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One, by Marina Shifrin. {NYTimes}


Per my idiosyncratic creative process, I am stuck and aimless. But all hope is not lost! I have found a new procrastinatory activity, and its name is Instagram. More accurately, Instagram + art books. And the result?


#RedheadsInArt - 1

Clockwise from top:
Ginger Judith in Judith and Holofernes, Mategna or follower or Campagnola. 1495-1500.
Ginger Gesu (and Ginger Catherine of Alexandria, for that matter!) in The Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome, Bernardino, Catherine of Alexandria and Francis, Pietro Oriloi. 1487-90.
Ginger Peter in Saint Peter refusing Ananais and Sapphira’s Money, Liberale da Verona. 1467-70.
Ginger Baby JtB! in The Virgin and Child with Saint Jerome and Infant Saint John the Baptist, Domenico Beccafumi. 1519.
Strawberry St. Lucy in Saint Lucy, Francesco del Cossa. 1473-74.

Now, if only I could find a redheaded St. Catherine of Siena…