How Lost I Would Be

Our God, who has loved us with an everlasting love:
We confess that we have doubted Your love when
we have not gotten what we wanted,
when we have lost that which was precious to us,
when we have been hurt by others,
when we have had to endure suffering,
when we have been lonely,
when we have been humbled by the circumstances of life.
Forgive us for grumbling and complaining,
for envying others,
for coveting their lives,
for fantasizing our lives away.
We repent of such an evil thought, that You do not love us,
and look to the cross that through the death of Jesus we may be forgiven and never again doubt Your love. 

This prayer hit me squarely in the heart this morning. To think that even for a moment I could believe Jesus doesn’t love me seems impossible — yet I know that my own actions and thoughts make that statement every day. Jesus, oh Jesus, who knows me well and loves me still — without Him, how lost I would be.


Oh, Gilbert.

That Texts from Avonlea exists is just about the most definitive proof of kindred spirits. Ever.

Texts From Avonlea

Texts from Avonlea 2

Texts from Avonlea 3

A Very Redhead Day

First up, my alter ego on a teeny-tiny button.

Illustration by Emily Martin

Illustration by Emily Martin

My friend Audra knows me too well! If I could magically transform into someone else, it would be this ginger gal. Curly updo; bright coral lips; and beautiful, delicate, seriously inky ink.

Speaking of redheaded kindred spirits, loved the interview with this Lauren, who also has a thing for Willem de Kooning. {Lonny}

And rounding out my day, this paragraph most amazing:
“Kevin was everything an overweight 10-year-old girl could ever hope for in a man. His hair was the color of Cheetos and he was an incredible speller. It was decided; I was in love.”
from A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One, by Marina Shifrin. {NYTimes}


Happy Easter eggs

One with the Father, Ancient of Days,
Through the Spirit who clothes faith with certainty,
Honour and blessing, glory and praise
To the King crowned with power and authority!
And we are raised with Him,
Death is dead, love has won, Christ has conquered;
And we shall reign with Him,
For He lives: Christ is risen from the dead.

–From Resurrection Hymn by Stuart Townsend and Keith Getty

Let’s Go

I love planning trips. Specifically, I love perusing available guidebooks, plotting with a friend on paper napkins over a latte and scone, and the thrill of booking a room at a hotel recommended by only a 90s-looking website. I’m heading to my 15th country this year, and I today took the first step of making things seem more real: I bought a guidebook.

I have such fond memories of pouring through the guidebooks I took to Europe years ago. I ripped them up, marked them up, stuffed them in purse pockets, and squeezed every last restaurant recommendation and museum-hours list out of them.

It also happens that whenever I think of guidebooks, I think of this bit from the genius Bill Bryson and his book Neither Here Nor There:

“I had with me two incredibly useless guidebooks to Italy, so useless that I’m not even going to dignify them by revealing their titles here, except to say that one of them should have been called Let’s Go Get Another Guidebook and the other was Fodor’s (I was lying a minute ago). Neither of them so much hinted that Capri town was miles away up a vertical mountainside. They both made it sound as if all you had to do was spring off the ferry and there you were. But from the quayside, Capri town looked to be somewhere up in the clouds.”

"Gosh, Steve, that was one sick bird."

“Gosh, Steve, that was one sick bird.”

I’m rather partial to Let’s Go guides, myself, and I also adore Rick Steves. But Asia seems to be tricky – neither Rick Steves nor Let’s Go want to go there, apparently.