Well, now. This is just lovely. And it’s Annie Leibovitz. (Of course it is.) Merci beaucoup, August Vogue!



Redhead on the Road


Found this rice-cracker
redhead on today’s journey
through Yokosuka’s streets.
(Ok, ok, or through the
All’s 100 Yen store.)

A Six-Word Memoir for my Moma

Moma and Me

Even a million words can’t do her justice. But these six (as suggested by Morning Edition) are a good start.

The alto part; rum-raisin lipstick.



Oh, Gilbert.

That Texts from Avonlea exists is just about the most definitive proof of kindred spirits. Ever.

Texts From Avonlea

Texts from Avonlea 2

Texts from Avonlea 3

Redheaded Step-Child

Two instances of this phrase in my Google reader in the past two days. Weird.

When in reference to a chocolate-chip clafoutis, I feel like it means “that quirky, kind of weird, but totes the one you want to hang out with” redhead. {Big Girls Small Kitchen}

In reference to lip prints, I’m not sure what to think. (Although those Marc Jacobs earrings are pretty cute.) {Girls of a Certain Age}