Basically the Coolest Guy I Know

My dad: king of the selfie

My dad: king of the selfie

I’ve known my dad for quite a while now. And yet I am still surprised at the things I learn about this guy with every passing year. He is a man of science and a man of mystery novels. A man of both NPR and the Bible. I’m pretty sure — as I piece together small clues — that he was doing awesome things during the Cold War. And, as I have just discovered, he is King of the Selfie.

All these things and so many more — the most amazing guy I know.


Redhead on the Road


Found this rice-cracker
redhead on today’s journey
through Yokosuka’s streets.
(Ok, ok, or through the
All’s 100 Yen store.)

A Six-Word Memoir for my Moma

Moma and Me

Even a million words can’t do her justice. But these six (as suggested by Morning Edition) are a good start.

The alto part; rum-raisin lipstick.




Today in Why I Love NPR: the word “Cypriot.”

Cypriot, adj.: of or pertaining to the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus. Also, citizens of Cyprus.

See also Cyprussian. (I kid. But wouldn’t that be a great word, too?)

The RRWB Report

Bits and the best of all things redhead, reader, writer, baker.

Oscar weekend! Looking forward to seeing what all my favorite gingers will wear. Rooting for this girl (and, as it were, hoping to very soon adapt her savvy airport style).

I’m trying to get deep into research mode for this semester’s class. So it looks like I’ll be spending my weekend reading about St. Catherine of Siena, feasting and fasting, and holy anorexia.

I’ve been buying lots of new music lately, so this is more about songwriting than anything else. I am particularly enjoying The Lone Bellow and Alabama Shakes‘ Boys & Girls.

The roads are looking better in Kansas today, but the kitchen still benefits from a little salt (and chocolate chip cookies).

Bon weekend!