Well, now. This is just lovely. And it’s Annie Leibovitz. (Of course it is.) Merci beaucoup, August Vogue!



Redhead on the Road


Found this rice-cracker
redhead on today’s journey
through Yokosuka’s streets.
(Ok, ok, or through the
All’s 100 Yen store.)

Oh, Gilbert.

That Texts from Avonlea exists is just about the most definitive proof of kindred spirits. Ever.

Texts From Avonlea

Texts from Avonlea 2

Texts from Avonlea 3

Redheaded Step-Child

Two instances of this phrase in my Google reader in the past two days. Weird.

When in reference to a chocolate-chip clafoutis, I feel like it means “that quirky, kind of weird, but totes the one you want to hang out with” redhead. {Big Girls Small Kitchen}

In reference to lip prints, I’m not sure what to think. (Although those Marc Jacobs earrings are pretty cute.) {Girls of a Certain Age}

A Very Redhead Day

First up, my alter ego on a teeny-tiny button.

Illustration by Emily Martin

Illustration by Emily Martin

My friend Audra knows me too well! If I could magically transform into someone else, it would be this ginger gal. Curly updo; bright coral lips; and beautiful, delicate, seriously inky ink.

Speaking of redheaded kindred spirits, loved the interview with this Lauren, who also has a thing for Willem de Kooning. {Lonny}

And rounding out my day, this paragraph most amazing:
“Kevin was everything an overweight 10-year-old girl could ever hope for in a man. His hair was the color of Cheetos and he was an incredible speller. It was decided; I was in love.”
from A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One, by Marina Shifrin. {NYTimes}